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Rector's Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

A church is not a building. A church is the people who gather in the building to worship. St. Mary's Church is the community who come together, in the name of Christ, to give thanks, pray and to take in the body and blood of Christ in the Holy Communion. An important part of our lives together at St. Mary's is the fellowship we share together. We gather together to simply enjoy each other's company. We gather together to do work. We've added a new page to this website; "Our Parish Life in Pictures". Take a moment to see some of the times we just gather as brothers and sisters; brothers and sisters in Christ.

We are also shaped, as a community, by our church name; St. Mary's. Mary was an ordinary girl, that did extra-ordinary things through her faith in God! We, at St. Mary's Church, pray for her faith that we too may do extra-ordinary things in the world today. Mary was the Christ bearer. We too, seek to bear Christ in the world. Mary was incredibly brave and self-sacrificing. We at St. Mary's ask for the grace to follow her example.

I invite you to join us Sunday mornings at 9:00am for worship. You will find us welcoming and excited by your presence. We will also pray that you find God's loving grace in your life as we do in ours.



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