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Congratulations! You or someone you love is getting married. Life with your spouse is a journey, not a destination. There will always be something new to learn, there will always be more things to gain, and there will always be plenty of opportunities for new experiences! If it takes a whole village to raise a child, it takes a whole community, human and divine, to make a marriage. We want to be that community in any wedding that takes place at St. Mary's. We want to be there for you during this special time and the journey before you. Marriages are so much more than the wedding party and we want you to have the best for your marriage. It does not matter whether you are a member of the Episcopal Church, another domination, or not attached to any denomination, we want to make your special day come true.

Eric & Alisia 11
Eric & Alisia 12
Eric & Alisia 4
Eric & Alisia 2
Eric & Alisia 10
Eric & Alisia 9
Eric & Alisia 1
Eric & Alisia 8
Eric & Alisia 3
Eric & Alisia 7
Eric & Alisia 5
Eric & Alisia 6
Photos courtesy of Eric & Alisia Pierce and Photographers Paul & Amanda Barnhart.
See more of their work here!
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